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Blue Mack's seeds

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Country of manufacture:Czech Republic

Poppy blue is applied in confectionery and bakery products to topping and a stuffing. Organoleptic indicators of poppy blue: color gray-blue, a smell peculiar to this product (to poppy blue), taste corresponds to this product (to poppy blue). Chemical indicators of poppy blue: - Mass fraction of moisture no more than 7,5%. - A mass fraction of weed impurity to 0,3%. - Including — immature seeds of food poppy no more than 0,1%. - Henbane seeds no more than 0,01%. - Wreckers of grain stocks and products are not allowed. Power value - poppy blue - on 100 grams of a product makes 489 kcal Before start in production poppy blue it is necessary to sift through a sieve with cells with a diameter of 0,5 mm.

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Country of manufacture:Czech Republic
Oilseed crop:Papaver
Information is up-to-date: 12.07.2018

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