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Sudanese grass seeds, Cherkassk regional
  • Sudanese grass seeds, Cherkassk regional

Sudanese grass seeds, Cherkassk regional

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The Sudanese - one-year forage plant. In one bush creates up to 30 stalks. Height of stalks is from 0,5 m to 3,5 m.

Distinctive feature of Sudanese grass not only high productivity, but also high content of nutrients.

Features of growth and development

At Sudanese grass or the Sudanese - the developed root system. Roots get into the earth on depth to 2,5 m.

Stalks - cylindrical form, height reaches from 0,3 m to 3 m.

The average mass of 1000 grains - 10-15 g. From each whisk it is possible to receive seeds on average 4-5 gr seeds.

Sudanese grass - thermophilic plant. Seeds begin to burgeon at temperature - 8-10 °C. At frosts …-3 … -4 °C shoots perish.

The Sudanese possesses high drought resistance. It is connected with the powerful developed root system, the long vegetative period thanks to what plants well use rainfall of the second half of flying. Surplus of moistening transfers badly.

Well Sudanese grass grows on chernozem and dark chestnut soils, it is worse on light brown and sandy.

The period of vegetation averages from 100 to 120 days.

Agrotechnology of cultivation

The Sudanese positively responds on introduction of phosphoric and potassium fertilizers.

Soil cultivation under the Sudanese consists of the following stages:

- surface treatment of the soil on 7-8 cm;

- deep fall plowing;

At insufficient moistening after the first cultivation the soil is packed to provoke germination of weeds and to destroy them at the subsequent cultivation.


Before crops seeds pass the following stages:

- Sorting of seeds;

- Air and thermal heating;

- Protravlivaniye;

Seal of seeds to the soil is made on depth of 3-5 cm at warming up of the soil to 15 °C. At cultivation on forage crops continuous, on seeds way wide-row. The seeding rate of seeds depends on climatic zone.

Care of crops

The soil needs to be prikatat after crops. At formation of soil crust or emergence of weeds, the field it is necessary to harrow. Good results are yielded by harrowing.


Cleaning of the Sudanese is made by forage-harvesters.

When cleaning on hay start at the end of phase of shooting - the beginning of tasseling. Intervals between hay crops are made by about 30 days. During this period the Sudanese yields the greatest total plant weights.

After cleaning seeds clear of foreign impurity and dry.
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